"Hello - my name is Sheyla but you can call me ‘Shey’. I love soaking in the hot springs here at Ainsworth because of the caves you can explore and the gorgeous views you get to enjoy while you let your body soak in the mineral filled water.

I will tell you about the area and its hidden gems.. so why not come spend some downtime with me and enjoy the splendid views the Kootenays have to offer".


"My name is ‘Andrew’ – I have been in the area for over 5 years now and I really like the area and its breath taking views. Ainsworth have some amazing mountains views and their hot springs are revitalising.


You can also check out their caves while soaking in the hot water filled with minerals.

This experience should be on your bucket list!"

"Hi - my name is ‘Owen’. Do you want to relax and fill your body and soul? Join me for a soak in the hot springs, soak your body with minerals while I tell you about the native people that discovered these hot springs whilst you learn about the mystery of the hot springs formation.

This is definitely an experience worth doing"!

Check out the hot springs and caves with our local guides - light up and consume cannabis before you go in
2 hr
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun