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Afraid what the neighbours may say? we have all known for quite some time, and its been quite well publicised, that Airbnb have been allowing home owners to advertise on their booking platform as '420 Friendly' in US States and not so recently in Canada too. BUT, why are we not seeing any home owners advertise in Canada yet..? i challenge you to find more than a handful in Toronto for example. I have found only 3. Could it be that basically we just don't want our neighbours to know our business in this respect...which is fair enough right? Other 'BudnBreakfast' and similar booking platforms for Canada also offer a very poor host database if you care to check. So, who is going to be the first and brave to come forward and embrace those who want to consume cannabis whilst on holiday and fill this space?..when are we going to see the likes of Hilton, Marriott and co step forward and offer their guests some realistic options...fortune favours the brave.