"Hi - I'm Nina,

​I have a strong background in paraphernalia (be it bongs, bowls, chillums, one hitters, steam rollers, vapes, dabs, pens, pipes), and I take great pride in my joint rolling abilities. Aside from this, I have also experimented with tinctures, oils, and making edibles. In this regard, I would be thrilled to create workshops based on methods of consumption, tips for smoking, edible recipes, and how to roll a joint.

Once we’ve covered the ways to get high, the next topic is what to do when high. There are many stereotypes here that say smokers are lazy and unproductive; and while that may be true sometimes, it is often not the case. Cannabis has the ability to open up our creative sides, and so such as painting, drawing, and even knitting can be great stoned activities.

..so why not book with me today..”

VIRTUAL CANNABIS KNOWHOW - Whether you're a total newbie or a seasoned pro, I'm here to walk you through step by step whatever it is you need help with.
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