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Canada High Tours Seeking Canadian Talent for Summer 2018

How do you become a Tour Host with Canada High Tours?

Answer: email us and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Read below to learn more..

At 'Canada High Tours' we are looking to offer bespoke Cannabis friendly tours throughout Canada in 2018 beginning July 1st. We will be using locally sourced Cannabis friendly Tour Guides to host new and existing Cannabis based Tours and Experiences.

As for each tour (to differentiate them from 'normal' tours) we will be building in the 'Cannabis Culture' in some way to each tour. So for example, a tour or experience could begin or end with a visit to your chosen OCRC (Ontario Cannabis Retail Corp.) outlet and lounge, or just OCRC outlet then do the 'tour'.

To negate the need for transport, Hosts set the meeting place, and guests meet them there or at their hotel. Most if not all the tours and experiences for Toronto will be downtown.We are currently in discussion with Lounges and some of the licensed Grow Operations and existing related businesses in Ontario with regards to setting a framework in stone for future tours so in time, more detail will become available. Early signs look very promising. We currently have 42 very unique tours planned for Toronto and will be looking to increase these options and then roll them out across all the major Canadian cities in time. Simple stuff like 'nervous 1st time buyer' tour, where you can simply meet a local Host at a cafe, be escorted by them to your chosen OCRC outlet, assisted with your purchase then escorted to a Lounge, is something we feel will be popular for example.

But we also have more quirky tours planned like our Graffiti Tour, Puff and Paint, Puff and Peddle, Joint rolling class and our ‘Learn how to grow your own Cannabis’ tours for example. As a 'Host/Tour Guide’ you can pretty much run the sessions as you see fit to a certain degree with consultation and agreement from us so we encourage creative input here. Please also advise us if you have an idea you think that may work that we do not have on offer that you think may work too. We are open to suggestions here.

You will set the group size, where you meet and when you will be available to offer the tours and experiences (days and times). The booking engine on our website hooks into a handy little calendar app you download onto your phone so when a booking is made, you receive instant confirmation. We currently pay out hosts on a very generous commission structure, 24 business hours after the tour.

We have lots of tours to chose from (42 currently for Toronto for example). and you are more than welcome to do more than a couple.

Contact us today to learn how you can become part of the team at Canada High Tours and start earning earning some serious cash for Summer 2018 and beyond..

[email protected]