"Hi - I'm Michel,

Whether you're over 19+ and interested in varietals or are getting back into the culture from a hiatus there's always something you can find from cannabis culture, I've always been the biggest promoter of starting low and go slow when consuming cannabis.


Since the second stage of legalization I am aware of the strict regulations and policies on cannabis. Working with a cannabis brand such as Tokyo Smoke I've always been in the know of age gating and the rules and regulations of promoting cannabis. I've been able to sell cannabis products as well as educate our customers on the laws of cannabis legalization in Canada.

..so why not book with me today..”

VIRTUAL ACRYLIC ART SESH - Whether you're a seasoned consumer or revisiting cannabis as well as new to acrylic painting or just looking to brush up on your current artist...
2 hr 30 min
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri